IPHONE/IPAD APPS for pets and gardening

Icon voor Dierdossier app

Pet File

With Pet File you can easily keep an overview of the tasks and events for all your pets.

For example, you never have to forget that your pet has to go to the vet for a vaccination.

You can keep a diary using events. This gives a good overview of everything that has happened in the past.

Icon of Hortus app


Plant Guide is the ideal app for looking up plants.

You can quickly make a good choice based on the combination of all kinds of properties such as height, flowering color, flowering period and location.

In the Plant Guide you can find more than 12,500 plants. A number of characteristics are shown for each plant, such as type, location, flowering period, color, etc. You can also find special properties such as climbing plant, invasive or attractive to butterflies.

Icon voor Plantengids app

Plant Guide

With Hortus you keep an overview of your garden. You can record all your plants and add simple additional information such as comments, photos and useful websites to a plant.

A plant guide is integrated into the app. This plant guide contains more than 12,500 plants.

Specific functionalities such as a blooming calendar, garden tasks and marking garden plants in photos are available as In-App purchases.